NSN-BabySoft, LLC is now the exclusive U.S. distributor of BabySoft Identification Bands!

Babysoft ID bands are a unique ultra-soft and secure patient identification band providing greater patient comfort with less risk of skin irritation.   Comprised of 2 parts, Babysoft bands are quickly and easily assembled combining a latex and allergen free soft foam with a durable, antimicrobial vinyl printing surface. Only the soft foam comes into contact with a patient’s skin and all the pertinent patient information can be barcoded and scanned for positive patient identification.  A perfect solution to the Joint Commission Distinct Newborn ID requirement effective 1/1/19 and a cost efficient alternative for hospitals, Babysoft ID bands are now available in the US through North Star Newborns.

Manufactured in the UK by Brenmoor, Ltd. www.brenmoor.com.

Contact vsheaffer@northstarnewborns.com